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Manu Ziti scored the fastest goal of the current European Cup, h

Manu Keechi fame played for Bundesliga Wolfsburg is not large, but Croatia's 3-1 victory over a war in Ireland, he is undoubtedly the audience the most brilliant players, two headed, with almost the same beat Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given, Croatia for many years Sucker as talented striker, but the Manu Keechi two goals in the field has also been recorded in history. European football more than "Super Mario" Balotelli and Gomez, while in Croatia array Manu Keechi has also been teammates called "Super Mario".

Croatia and Ireland's opening game in less than three minutes, Saran cross from the right, the Manu Keechi Road Closed shakes Leipzig, playing ball, and then fly into to go to the bottom right corner of Ireland, played in the Bundesliga Woofers Fort center break with a beautiful header opened the prelude to the goals of World War II in Croatia and Ireland, Manu Keechi goals is also the fastest goal in European Cup since the start.

Manu Keechi’s goal from the referee blew the opening whistle is only 2 minutes and 37 seconds, which is not only the fastest goal in the current European Cup since 2004 - Michael Owen to Portugal after the opening 2 minutes 25 seconds broke recently The fastest goal of the European Cup in eight years, Manu Ziti goal than in the past Irving slow 12 seconds. The fastest goal in European Cup history is also the European Cup in 2004, Russia's Dmitri - Klitschko opening only 67 seconds to break the game a 2-1 win over Greece.

The current European Cup, the Manu Keechi in the first contest gives his debut on the world stage is no doubt left a deep impression. The second half opening three minutes, is Manu Keechi, is winger in his best header, almost in the same way, almost the same point of view, almost the same flight path , once again the ball rolled into the goal guarded by Shay. The first contest, scored twice, the Manu Keechi’s debut is perfect!

Manu Keechi, 26 years old, height 1.86 m Weight 79 kg, regardless of stature or offensive are the traditional tall striker, strong and healthy header forces well is Croatia the last two years was extremely interesting scorer. Manu Keechi Bundesliga Wolfsburg effect, the header has always been his forte. Own header and the ball to teammate ferry Manu Keechi already proved their superior heading ability. Manu Keechi, just the end of the Bundesliga season, scoring 12 goals, Wolfsburg's leading scorer. The Manu Ziti scored 12 goals in as many as seven from the header, heading ability is evident! It is worth mentioning that the Manu Keechi 2 header or on the ball to score 100 in the history of the European Cup.

In addition to the 12 goals, he returned to his teammates contributed 10 assists, and Huntelaar, Franck Bribery, Royce, Pizarro, Kagawa Shinji and other people with the same breath is one of the few Bundesliga season into ball + assists Dual 10 + "players. The current European Cup, plus the game a total of five headed home, including four from the center of the Bundesliga (Lewandowski, Gomez, Manu Keechi), I believe that this is not a simple coincidence.

Before the European Cup, Petri and Classic, Oleic, who is gradually aging, Eduardo poor state, once Baltic forward, many fans to worry, but, Manu Keechi the first perfect performance I believe that will make many people feel at ease. Manu Keechi brace is also Croatia scored twice in the second list of games played in European Cup finals players on a Croatia legendary striker Davao - Sock in a 1996 game against Denmark twice to break, the Manu Keechi of the brave how much reminiscent of the top scorer in 16 years ago right red Croatian history.


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